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a better tomorrow: prologue

a better tomorrow: prologue
taecyeon/junsu, nichkhun/junsu, taecyeon/nichkhun
639 w, nc-17
something terrible is going on in seoul.

a better tomorrow: prologue
my heart turned cold from people walking out that door
now i got it locked, nobody walking in our out no more

The young detective scowled as he entered his partner's apartment; the air was filled with white cigarette smoke, the scent of different women's parfumes and strong alcohol. Just like every fucking night.

He blindly ran his hand along the wall until he found the light switch and flicked it on, white light flooding the whole apartment. After kicking the many empty bottles of booze out of the way, he walked to the living room where he assumed Taecyeon would be, probably lying on the couch and sleeping. And, oh – surprise, surprise! – he was right.

The black haired detective was fast asleep and by the bulge in his grey dress pants the older man knew that his partner was having a very nice dream. Too bad that he had to interfere with his dream now. "Hey, wake up," the Thai said, lightly shaking the detective's shoulder, only to be getting punched in the gut. Hard. Nichkhun held his torso and cursed under his breath, eyeing the still sleeping man. "I'm going to cut off your dick and shove it down your throat, you damn little bastard," he hissed.

No reaction. Not that Nichkhun expected one.

Nichkhun looked around and sighed. It's always the same. He would walk in, see Taecyeon sleeping on the couch whenever there wasn't a woman to fuck and in the end he would be the one to tidy up after his younger partner. Somehow Nichkhun had imagined the life of a detective to be far more different. Maybe he should have been content with watching and reading Case Closed.

"Man, wake up. It's something serious," said Nichkhun, placed the documents in his hands on the coffee table and walked to the open kitchen to get a glass of ice cold water when there was, again, no reaction from Taecyeon. "Well, I guess I'll have to splash you with water again."

It was only a matter of seconds before Taecyeon, all of a sudden, was wide awake.

"What do you want?" Taecyeon grumbled, not bothering to hide the erection in his pants, and sat up after Nichkhun placed the glass on the table. "It seems like there is human trafficking going around in Seoul," the young detective answered and handed the documents over. Taecyeon pulled his glasses from his pocket and put them on before opening the folder. He squinted his eyes to read the tiny font and Nichkhun had to sigh again. "Let me explain it to you, otherwise we'll be sitting here the whole night," the Thai said and snatched the folder from Taecyeon's hands.

"Young men, especially high schoolers, are disappearing without a single trace since last month after school or work. Most of the young men are found dead after a week or two on the streets, sometimes even a few days, completely naked, covered with bruises and cuts."

"Any signs of sexual assault?" Taecyeon questioned without taking his eyes from the pictures of the many missing male teenagers in the folder that he had snatched back.

Nichkhun ran his fingers through his hair and sat down beside his partner. "Yes, they were raped multiple times by different men. I think they're being sold as sex slaves." Taecyeon arched a brow and took his glasses off. He took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket, ignoring the nasty looks the brown haired man was giving him. "Then why are they getting killed? You're jumping to rash conclusions again, Khun," the Korean mumbled around the cigarette at his lips before he lit it and inhaled the poisonous substance. "When they don't obey," Nichkhun stated, but it sounded more like question than a statement.

Taecyeon stood up and a faint smile passed over his face, his eyes directed outside the window at the night skyline of Seoul.

"This case sounds interesting."

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Tags: a better tomorrow, p: nichkhun/junsu, p: taecyeon/junsu, p: taecyeon/nichkhun, r: nc-17
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